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Other artwork by John Lowe

Over the past 40-odd years I have experimented with other forms of art including drawings, watercolours, oils, stone carvings and sculptures.
These are some of my doodles, daubs and experimental works.

Cornish Street by John Lowe   Coverack by John Lowe   Bonsai tree by John Lowe   earth peel by John Lowe
cartoon 1   cartoon 2   cartoon 3   cartoon 4
advanced schizophrenia   dragon and snake        
Off to work by John Lowe   Yorkshire Street by John Lowe   Toad Lane by John Lowe   Fish Market by John Lowe
poppy 1   poppy 2   gardens by incapability brown    
Bridge across the sea by John Lowe   Fantasy Seascape 1 by John Lowe   Icelandic View by John Lowe   Foggy Trees by John Lowe
Misty landscape by John Lowe   Monet by John Lowe   Nightmare carousel by John Lowe   Fantasy Seascape 2 by John Lowe
Trees in fog by John Lowe   Fields of view by John Lowe   Maize field by John Lowe   Seascape by John Lowe
exploring 2 by John Lowe   Sandcastles by John Lowe   Foggy Firs by John Lowe   Ice Planet by John Lowe
exploring 1 by John Lowe   View in Iceland by John Lowe   Field of maize by John Lowe   clown around
cold lake   fantasy seascape 3   hayfield   nude
windy washing day   nude 2   kookie   prize pig

What is new in art?
During the 1990's I began experimenting with different techniques using oil paints and discovered what I call 'Reversism'. This method of producing a picture involves applying the paint in the reverse order to that which is normally followed. Artists usually start with painting the background and gradually work towards the foreground with the finer details of a picture. With this method everything is reversed. The objects and details in the foreground of the picture are painted first and other layers applied on top of that, in the reverse order they are intended to appear when the picture is 'revealed'.
This becomes an interesting challenge to work backwards towards the objects furthest away.

After all of the layers have been applied the paint is then stripped off using a palette knife during what I call "The Reveal". The oil paint is not allowed to dry and the whole operation must be completed whilst the paint is still sticky.

Here are some of the abstract experimental works and finished paintings.
I don't mind showing these 'experimental' works because they formed part of the learning curve which was a period of discovery for me lasting a few years.  Someday I might return to this adventurous but difficult method of creating a picture which gives interesting impressionist results. As far as I know I am the only person crazy enought to undertake this concept, is nice to challenge convention if the results are interesting.
Experiment 1   Experiment 2   Experiment 3   Experiment 4
Experiment 5   Experiment 7   Experiment 8   experiment 30
Experiment 6   Experiment 22   Experiment 12   Experiment 20
Experiment 15   Experiment 16   Experiment 17   Experiment 18
Experiment 19   Experiment 14   Experiment 13   experiment 29
Experiment 9   experiment 24   experiment 25   experiment 26
experiment 27   experiment 28   Reversism one   experiment 23
Wild flowers by John Lowe   Fish with tulips by John Lowe   Flowers in vase by John Lowe   Goldfish with daffodils by John Lowe
Midnight bonfire by John Lowe   Wet fields at sunset by John Lowe   Two flowers by John Lowe    
Carved from Cornish Serpentine and wood
Pig carved from Serpentine 1   Pig carved from serpentine 2   pig carved from serpentine 3   pig carved from serpentine 4
pigs carved from serpentine 5   pigs carved from serpentine 6   Treacle the wrinkle-pig 1   Treacle the wrinkle-pig 2
treacle the wrinkle-pig 3   Sniff and snort   wooden pig 1   wooden pig 2
Sumopig   soap turtles and snake   soap turtles and snake front    
bonsai tree 1   bonsai tree 4   bonsai tree 3   bonsai tree 8
bonsai tree 5   bonsai tree 7   bonsai tree 9   bonsai tree 6


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